Alex Adventures Cozumel will host your Summer time Adventures swimming with Whalesharks.

Want to brag that you swam with a whale shark? Now’s your chance to swim with these gigantic but harmless plankton eaters. Each year from June through August there is a high concentration of plankton off the Yucatan Peninsula. This draws the whale sharks in for feeding and mating. Before noon, before sun is high and the plankton is on the surface, it is not uncommon to see 5-6 whale sharks feeding at a time. 

We ferry to Playa del Carmen taking the 7:00 am am ferry from Cozumel for one hour road trip  in a private A/C Van  with “Alex”,  we meet our fast boat at Punta Sam (Cancun Ferry’s boat)  that take us to the open Ocean Natural Reserve where we´ll swim with the Whalesharks and Mantas. On the way keep your eyes wide open for dolphins and sea turtles right on the surface, ones on the reserve we jump in the water two persons at the time to swim beside them in awe of their gentle power, then after a great experience the boat will bring us to a beach near to Isla Mujeres Island where will enjoy our ceviche and couple of beers . After that we´ll return to the same port where we got on the boat for the first time, we´ll have time to rinse ourselves and change for dry clothes before we take our  transportation  to Playa del Carmen and take the ferry back to Cozumel that evening with a amazing day of a once in a lifetime experience.

This is a one day round trip including  snorkel gear (Fins, mask, snorkel vest, snorkel tube), road transportation, boat ride to the natural reserve, purified water, soft drinks, fruit or bread, and fresh ceviche .

This amazing Adventures cost $ 165.00 us per person, (prices are subject to change), Ferry tickets from Cozumel to the mailand are not included.

  • Wetsuit is  not including on the tour, we have available for rent $ 10.00
  • Ferry round  tickets from Cozumel island to Playa del Carmen, are not include on the prices.

Looking forward for your Lifetime Adventure!!!!


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