In  all prices of our Diving services include: A professional PADI Certified Dive Master or Instructor with many years of diving experience in Cozumel, National Marine Park Fee, Purified water, Juices, Fruit, Cookies,  Sandwiches or Bread, and Gratituties for our Crew.

Ones You contac Us to make a reservation, We`ll agree what day will meet at the lobby of your hotel to sing up release forms, check  dive gear sizes if you need any rental to make sure we`ll have on the boat  the right sizes for you or pick up your own dive gear to rinse it and store after the dives everyday.

For your Boat Dive Adventures:

Our departures are in the morning at 8:30 am  and afternoon at 1:30 pm

We are also open for any change we need on our departures for travelers from the mailand that will need to take a ferry to come over to Cozumel or travelers from the cruise ship,

All of your dive gear will be set up on the dive tank before we pick you up on the pier of your hotel, the dive sites and deep of the dives will be chosen on the boat with all of our clients and friends, most of the dives are planned 50 ft to 80 ft max, we have the options of deepest dives for Advanced Diver no more than 130 ft, we manage on our dive trips 8 divers maximun per one Dive Master, if we have more than 8 divers then will have an extra dive master to split out into two groups and make it easy and much better for you, taking 4 or 5 divers per dive master with an extra Charge of $ 55 us

Are you a New Diver and want to feel comfortable on the water with somebody next to you helping and taking you by your own under the water or you just wan to be taking pictures with somebody showing you every single creature in the ocean ?  Well …. we do have the options for a Private Dive Master.

Will always change your tank after the first dive and pack all of your dive gear into your mesh bag after the last dive everyday and during Our surface time We usually dock the boat on an abandoned dock on a beach near to the reefs La Francesa and Dalila, if the dock is to busy with lot of  boats then we  spend our surface time on the beach “Heaven on Earth”.

We are also open for any change We need on Our departures for travelers from the mailand that will need to take a ferry to come over to Cozumel or travelers from the cruise ship.







LIONFISH  ( Genus Pterois )

On this Adventure you don´t have to worry about bringing anything to hunt this beautiful fish, Spears and Original  Zookeepers will be provided, You don´t even  touch  the fish, just spear them and Dive master will take care of handling them, included will be softdrinks, chips, and all we need to make Ceviche on the boat after the dives if we get a good caught.

Most of the dives for this Adventure are made on the North side of Cozumel ( Out of the Natonal marine Park ), depending on the weather, also We can hunt in the South side  of Cozumel ( inside of the National Marine Park )  We do have more than 40 reefs to dive  unfortunately  dive shops are taking their divers on the regular, most know and famous reefs were LionFish are under control but Lionfish are hiding on the  reefs that are no visit often or just very few divers get to dive.

We are not just another Dive Operator with regular trips, We ofer a Lionfish Harvesting where We´ll teach you a safety way to capture, handling and consuption of this beautiful fish, We worry about Marine Ecosystem and doing this activity helps to control the invasion of this species in the Mexican Caribbean.


In the native range Indo-pacific, lionfish are beautiful sight, with their populations in balance with the rest of nature. Man has introduced lionfish to North America via the acuariums trade and has resulted in invasive populations that are harming the Marine Ecosystems.

Lionfish wil ever be eradicated from their invade range, It´s possible that their populations can be controlled and their impact minimized simply by the proper capture, handling and comsupton or just teach other fishes that is part of their “Menu” in the Ocean.

Never did this before ? Take a day for a Dive and  Lionfish harvesting, we are sure it will be a tasteful and great underwater experience.







Over the mailand, in Playa del Carmen we have an amazing event every year on the Winter time, from December to March this beautiful Shark  arrive to mate and become pregnant, they stay throughout their pregnancy but disappear right before having the Baby Sharks, no body knows the place where this marine creatures delivery their baby Sharks, But we have Our suspicions of the place. At the same season in one spot in the North of Cozumel we have Eagle Ray singthings, no body knows why we have this  migration, we only know that they arrive in Cozumel at the same time the sharks in the Mailand.

A minimun of 6 divers , Nitrox certification and a  full wetsuit is required on both dives,  We can´t dive without wetsuit or shorty, this in order to protect yourself againts scrapes with some coral or stones on the seabed, and Nitrox to extend our bottom time,  this is an strong current dive.

This Shark and Eagle Ray Adventure  is planned prior a day or two,  depending on Cozumel and mailand weather, We can´t organize a trip from a week or months before, We have The New Marina Cozumel as Our meeting point, departure time 6:30 am,  ( We don´t need to take the Ferry ) We take Our big boat over the mailand for about 40 minutes boat ride, after diving our first tank on the mailand with Sharks we drive the boat back to the North side of Cozumel for our Eagle Ray dive as the second tank. The two dives are planned at 80 ft to 90 ft.
























 We look forward to serve your best diving adventures in Cozumel.                                      


 Let´s go Diving!!!!

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