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Welcome  to  Cozumel  island,  home  of  the  crystal clear water in all of the caribbean  and  the best place for water  activities in Mexico for a lifetime experience.

Cozumel reefs are know for their beauty, vibrant colors and  abundance on marine life. It´s such a wonderful and great environment that the president of México declared the south side “THE COZUMEL REEFS NATIONAL MARINE PARK”.  It´s a federal regulation directed to protecting the reefs from further commercial exploitation, is part of the Great Maya Barrer Reef, a system that extends from the Northern Yucatan to Honduras, is the second largest in the world, one of the best diving places. The scuba diving industry in Cozumel is determined to protect and preserve this National treasure.

 1000´s  of divers visit Cozumel every year.  Every reef from the farthest point south to the northern most points is mapped and named.  These reef are frequented by a number of operators and fisherman and are well visited.  What separed  Alex  Adventures from the rest of the operators is our commitment to quality and service.  Sure we can take you to any of the spots, you favor, yet if adventure is your game, we specialize in taking you to spots less frequented. This means a more private and unique experience to share with others.

We don´t try to sell up our service, in other words we don´t nickle and dime you.  our packages are all inclusive and you have your choise of packages to choose from.  Our service speaks for itself.  Our goal is for your safety and provide you with the best memorable experience available.

Arrange  your  tours  with  Alex  Adventures you  help  to support local people that  work for their  family,  we  love  our  oceans  and  we do all to protect our reefs while we are doing our water activities.

Take  a moment to browse Our website and see what We offer,  We are sure  you  will  be  happy  with  our level  of   personal service, please contact   Alex   before   you  come  and  We can   help   you  to  arrange  your island adventure.

I hope you find this site informative as well as your source for a great adventures in Cozumel.

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